Community Gym

Exercise is known to reduce stress and anxiety, aid in weight loss, increase energy and improve overall health. We aim to provide our local communities the opportunity to take part in exercise more often so we turned an unused building on the Brightwater Domain into a functional and affordable gym. 


We offer weekly, monthly and yearly pricing. 

Pricing Notes

Become a member of our Community Gym

We pride ourselves on providing convenient and affordable gym memberships for our local communities. Anyone can join. 

Compared to other gyms, we offer very reasonable terms. We have no establishment fees, a relatively short minimum membership period of 12 weeks and heavily discounted rates for students, existing members and additional family members. In addition, we are a non-profit organisation so you can work out in the knowledge that all proceeds go directly toward improving the experience for our members.

We operate a swipe tag system so that you can fit in a session when it suits. 

Manage Gym Membership

What would you like to do?

What's in the gym?

We would recommend coming in and taking a look at what we have. There is sufficient cardio equipment, free weights, machines and accessories to suit anyones needs. 

A non-exhaustive list of what we offer:

Gym Terms and Conditions

We are a small community gym and have intentionally avoided creating the lengthy and confusing terms and conditions you may find at other gyms. Before getting into it, we want to make it clear that we always intend to act in good faith and ask that you do too.

Terms and Conditions

By becoming a member of the Wanderers Community Sports Club’s Community Gym, I declare that I understand and agree to the following conditions of membership:



pro-rated amount remaining on membership less transaction fee of 3% less $30.00 admin fee = refund

Opening Hours

You can access the gym using your personal access tag during our opening hours. 

Opening: 6.00am

Closing: 10.30pm

Gym Calendar

This calendar shows when the gym is used for group sessions (information about these can be found below). We ask individuals to respect these groups and avoid using the gym at these times. 

We understand that this may be an inconvenience but note that we ensure group sessions only take place during off-peak hours when the gym is typically very quiet. 

Senior Mobility Classes

Winner of AgeConnect Supreme Award for best community initiative

We've been running senior mobility classes since 2020 for the older populations within our community. The goals are to improve mobility, provide greater independence for longer and creation of a social opportunity.  The classes have proven popular with consistent growing attendance since its inception.

Classes are provided under professional guidance on:

For just a $2 donation you are welcome to take part. All sessions are held at our community gym (12 Charlotte Lane, Brightwater). 

While we technically target older people aged 55 and up, we are very inclusive. If this will benefit you come and give it a try.

Brightwater Group Fitness

We are proud to partner with Brightwater Group Fitness. They run an amazing programme out of the gym!

Brightwater Group Fitness is a community-based project started by Kirsten Powick in October 2015. They aim to help local women get fitter and stronger, and achieve their health and fitness goals, within a supportive environment.

Current members come from small communities from Wakefield to Richmond and everywhere in between. Women of all ages and fitness levels are welcome: from beginners new to the gym environment; mums who want to get back some of their pre-pregnancy fitness; right through to those special cases who like to tackle the occasional half-marathon or adventure race challenge!

Our circuit-style classes are fun, challenging and varied, and are easily adapted to suit all levels of fitness and ability. We are proud supporters of NMIT fitness programme graduates who provide advice on health and nutrition as well as training programmes.

We want women in our community to get to know each other while getting fitter and stronger. So, if you want to get fit, meet new people, and have a laugh...  come along!

We also have...